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Top ten things to see & do

With 26 acres of period shops and houses to explore, there's plenty to get stuck into for all ages! Our top 10 list gives you a flavour of all the things you can see and do:

1. Chat with our Historic Characters

Hear the stories of the people who lived and worked in the Black Country from our friendly Historic Characters. They'll explain  what it was really like to be alive at the height of the Industrial Revolution.

2. See live demonstrations

We have a number of live industrial demonstrations taking place daily across the museum - make sure to catch a glimpse of sparks flying as our resident chain makers skillfully forge a link   from molten metal.

3. Take part in an Edwardian school lesson

Step back in time and into the classroom  of a rather strict Ma'am or Sir. They'll push your times tables knowledge to its limits and have you saying your ABCs backwards in no time!

4. Visit the fairgound

Fancy a bit of old-fashioned fun? Why not visit  our fairground with original rides dating back to 1910? Have  a go on the Brooklyn Cakewalk,  test your skills on the 'hook a duck' or hit the right spot with a throw on the the coconut shy.

5. Taste some good old-fashioned fish and chips

We might be biased, but we reckon ours are the best because they're cooked the old-fashioned way: in lots of beef  dripping.

6. Have a ride on a vintage bus

We maintain a selection of vintage vehicles for you to ride throughout the year. Why not hop on the longest trolleybus route in the country?

7. Play some old school street games

Head on down to the cobbled street and  try your hand  at some classic street games including the 'hoop and stick' and the 'cup and ball' (psst... they're a whole lot harder than they sound!)

8. Have a drink at the Bottle & Glass

Why not wet your whistle at our traditional spit and sawdust pub? From cheese cobs to pork scratchings, you'll also find a selection of delicious Black Country grub here. 

9. Catch a classic flick in an authentic 1920s cinema

Kick back and relax in our authentic '20s cinema where we'll be showing  classics from the golden age of cinema including Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and even a few loff out loud cartoons.

10. Explore over 40 period shops, houses and industrial areas

Since 1978 we've been recreating  buildings from around the Black Country, sometimes moving them here brick-by-brick.  Grab and a map and get exploring!

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