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NHS Vaccinations

We are hosting an NHS Vaccination Centre for COVID19 at the Museum.

The Vaccination Centre at the Museum is now delivering second vaccinations only.  Anyone who has received their first vaccination at the Museum can make an appointment to receive their second vaccination at the BCLM centre.

Vaccinations cannot be booked via the Museum staff. Please refer to the NHS Vaccination Service directly. Please do not visit the Museum for a vaccine if you have not booked an appointment following receipt of your invitation letter from the NHS

  • Please do not call the Museum phone line to book your appointment, as we will be unable to do this for you and please do not attend without an appointment. All bookings must be made directly with the NHS vaccination service.
  • In order to help NHS staff manage queueing and registration people are being asked to arrive at the vaccination centre not more than 10 minutes before their appointment.
  • Before people enter the vaccination centre, details of your appointment will be confirmed and a temperature check made to ensure the centre is safe.

Please note we are unable to deal with any inquiries about the vaccination centre and appointments, as administration for the centre is handled directly by the NHS.

For more information please visit the NHS website directly: 

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