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Revitalising the Racecourse Colliery

Thanks to your support and donations, we're now in the process of bringing the Racecourse Colliery to life by preserving important items from our collection for the education and enjoyment of future generations. 

Our Racecourse Colliery tells the important story of coal mining, which was at the heart of the industrialisation of the Black Country. Without coal, there would have been no steam power - the power behind the Industrial Revolution and the agent of social and economic change which helped create the world we live in today. At present, our  colliery is often overlooked by visitors because there is little activity or movement to draw them over. We want to change this by bringing the whole area to life with interactive demonstrations.

Project Update – August 2017:

The existing pit head has now been to restored to working order so that visitors will be able to see the tub lift being raised and lowered into the mine shaft as it would have done in the early 20th century.

Plans for the second pit head are currently underway.

Repairs to the tub tramway  are now complete.

Next stop – the addition of electrics so that lighting can be added.

Once this project is complete, you will be immersed in  a full sensory experience of sights, sounds and smells that allows you to discover what it was like to work at a colliery when the Black Country was at the peak of its industrial power. The restoration project involves the following work:

  • Repair the pit head frame.
  • Restore 2 pit cages - one to be connected  to the pit wheel  so the cage can be lowered into the shaft and another for visitors to stand in.
  • Repair the tub tramway so tubs can be pulled by Charlie, our pit pony.
  • Refurbish the miners' hovel and install audio equipment so miner's songs can be played.
  • Install LED lighting offer  the full 'red by night'  experience of the Black Country.
  • Bring the blacksmith's forge into working order so we can demonstrate the work carried out to the tub tramway.
  • Install AV equipment  to show how the winding engine works .
  • Recruit and train costumed characters who will tell the rich stories of the men, women and children whose lives revolved around the colliery.

Find out more about the history of the Racecourse Colliery    or watch our fundraising video below (Please do not donate as this project is now fully funded!)    

Now that the funds have been raised, how can you get involved?

We still need your support!

If you would like to donate your skills, time or expertise find out how to  become a volunteer 

Become a Member  -  get closer to our collections and enjoy exclusive benefits whilst supporting important heritage projects like this.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our funders including:

DCMS/Wolfson  Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund,  Arts Council England, The Owen Family Trust, The E J Thompson Memorial Fund,  Friends of Black Country Museum, Purcell UK and generous individuals including our visitors and donors from the Big Give 2016 appeal.

And a special thank you to all the staff and pupils at Alumwell Junior School, Walsall, for their time and fundraising support. 

There are no special events specified on this date, however there are a number of things to see and do every day at the museum.

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