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Refurbishment of the Anchor Forge

(Images courtesy of Adrian Horton.)

Thanks to your support and donations, we're now steaming ahead with a full refurbishment of our 1920s Anchor Forge to restore one of the greatest inventions of the Industrial Revolution. 

The Museum’s Anchor Forge is a reconstruction of the last working anchor forge in the Black Country which closed in 1979. It contains a Steam Hammer (Charles Ross, Inc.1886) which enabled large pieces of iron to be forged with greater precision and was used in the Black Country for making anchors, one of the region’s most celebrated products. Anchors for Brunel’s ‘Great Eastern’, the ‘Titanic’ and the Royal Yacht, ‘Britannia’ were forged in the region.  The Steam Hammer (consisting furnace, Cornish boiler and steam hammer) was last operated in 1991, but since this time it has sat idle and the boiler is slowly corroding due to lack of use.

What will this restoration bring to BCLM?

Bringing the Anchor Forge to life will create an explosion for the senses as visitors watch steam billowing from the boiler, feel the stifling heat pouring from the furnace and hear the thunderous noise as the full force of the steam hammer crashes onto the metal.  The steam hammer will be in full operational use for approximately  40 days of the year, and on permanent display to our visitors onsite.  Through costumed demonstrators, we'll tell the unbelievable true stories of the people who lived and worked around the Anchor Forge.

Now that the funds have been raised, how can you get involved?

We still need your support!

  • If you would like to donate your skills, time or expertise find out how to become a volunteer.
  • Become a member  and  get closer to our collections and enjoy exclusive benefits whilst supporting important heritage projects like this.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our funders including:

Arts Council England,  Idlewild Trust, Black Country Living Museum Development Trust, The Saintbury Trust, The Lord Austin Trust, The James Beattie Foundation, C.B. & H.H. Taylor Trust, Bruce Ball Charitable Trust, Dumbreck Charity and generous individuals including visitors to the Museum.



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