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Just for Fun

Join in our festive fun of baking and making at home with your family & friends.

Making at Home

/media/learning/library/121031_230_dsc_0007.jpgMake your own decorations

Here are just a few crafty ideas to keep your family entertained, with festive decorations that you can easily make with things from your home or garden.



/media/learning/library/130621_230_img_1856.jpgMake your own toys

Have a go at making your own toys




Traditional baking at home



Have a go at making a

Traditional Christmas Pudding





/media/learning/library/131209_230_gingerbreadman1.jpgMake your own Gingerbread men






           Try our traditional recipe for             Mincepies








Take the Challenge



           Take part in our challenge -  

           click here







Historic Holiday Fun

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Forging Ahead profile: Brenda Minett

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