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We need your memories of E. Minett!

E. Minett on Walsall Road

18 June 2018

We're currently calling out for any memories of E. Minett on Walsall Road in Wednesbury from the 1950s. We're planning to replicate  this ladies' clothing shop  as part of our new development project ‘Forging Ahead’. 

Founded by Edith Dabbs Minett, the shop was known as the place to go for the best dressed ladies of Wednesbury.  Edith started the business in the 1920s in the front room of the family home in Pound Road before opening the shop at 83 Walsall Street.

Minett’s was a family-run business. Edith’s husband, William, managed the shop’s accounts around the time of the birth of their daughter, Brenda. Brenda started working at the shop as a young girl, earning three pence a week by dusting boxes and assisting with other day-to-day tasks. She started working at Minett’s full-time when she left school and took over with her husband, John Greenhough, and ran the business until it ceased trading in 2006.

Clothes for the shop were bought on mail order from trade catalogues or from trips to wholesalers in Birmingham.  Brenda prided herself on buying garments in advance for particular customers she had in mind and whom she knew would buy the item as soon as they saw what she had chosen for them.

The shop operated a ‘20 Week Club’ which allowed customers to pay a 10% deposit for items, reserve them and pay the remainder over a twenty-week period.  This was popular with customers, as it made expensive items accessible, charting the rise of consumer credit.

Do you have any personal stories about Minett’s? Did you, your family or friends go there to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Did you or anyone you know work there?

All information is useful, so please get in touch by emailing or call 0121 557 9643.

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