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#ThrowbackThursday - Marg & Ben are Privy to BCLM's Back-to-Back History

Ben and Margaret BCLM Throwback Thurs

04 February 2016



We recently ran a competition where we asked our visitors to send in their old photos of their visit to the Museum. We had some incredible entries.

This week we are #lookingback at Margaret Mitchell and Ben Richardson's visit. Ben and Nana Margaret both live in Stourbridge but Margaret is originally from Glasgow. They visited the Museum back in the Summer of 1995 and remember thoroughly enjoying their visit. Margaret is sitting on the privy near the back to backs which became part of the Museum in 1990. These toilets were flushed only intermittently by an underground tipper tank which collected waste water – they were liable to become very dirty and smelly for this reason. Lucky, ours isn’t in use!

Margaret Mitchell comments: “I just remember Ben being in fits of giggles that I was sitting on the loo! We went around all of the shops, and again Ben was in hysterics at the underwear they wore as well as at the shoes. We’ve been at least 10 times since then, we do enjoy it here. I bring my family from Scotland and they all enjoy it.”

Ben Richardson comments: “I just remember being shouted at in the school for giggling!”

Do you have an old photo of yourself at BCLM? Share yours with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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