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#ThrowbackThursday - Jodie and Ria are back to back!

Throwback Thursday Black Country Living Museum

10 March 2016


Ria Fearon (13 in the photo, now 32) and her sister Jodie Hurst-Fearon (8 in the photo, now 29), both from Coalville, pose on the Museum’s street of back to backs. Their most distinct memory is knocking on doors but finding nothing behind them—probably because they were all just part of a set for a Feast of July. Here they are, some 20 years later, outside of the real thing.

Ria comments: “We’re from Coalville – a coal mining village in Leicestershire. It was a long time ago but I do remember we came on a coach trip with my Dad’s work. The doors [in the photo] are actually just a set for some filming. So we were knocking on them but they had nothing behind! That is my most distinct memory of that day. I and my sister have brought our daughters back here and it’s like going into a different world, seeing people dressed up. So much has changed over the years; but we still have such great memories of coming with our Dad who has since passed. In many ways, coming from a small mining town, this Museum is about our heritage – our kids can always come and see how it was.”


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