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The Pawnbrokers' Golden Balls

photo of jcb rehang of sign

18 February 2015


Earlier this year we spotted that our Pawnbrokers' iconic sign - three golden balls hanging from an iron wrought design - was sadly in need of serious repair.

Now, with new custom built wooden balls gilded with gold, the sign has been restored back to its former glory.

Our Maintenance Team were out bright and early this morning to re-hang the balls and today's lucky visitors were the first to see the Pawnbrokers' new golden balls.

So on your next visit to BCLM look up to see if you can spot the Pawnbrokers' new golden balls.

See before & after pictures below.

/media/news/library/150218_230_10911234_10152994705099911_7179786803740459414_o-001.jpg          /media/news/library/150218_230_10926445_10152994706749911_2406086265166885912_n.jpg         /media/news/library/150218_230_webnews5.jpg

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