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The Collections Team goes green


09 April 2014

It has been very busy the last few weeks for the Collections Team. The Curator of Domestic Life has been doing research for the upcoming opening of a green grocer’s shop at the Museum, which was originally located at 39 Lower Lichfield Street, Willenhall from around 1916 to 1932. However, despite extensive research, some information is missing, for example what did the interior look like and how was the shop window dressed? We are hoping that a public appeal will help to solve some of these mysteries, please find more information on our public appeal here.

We have also been busy preparing seeds and garden tools for our ‘From Plots to Plenty’ weekend event./media/news/library/140410_230_back_to_back_2013_5.jpg The curators have been tasked with finding out what kind of plants would have been in a turn of the century garden and how they were used. For example in our Back to Back houses  (picture left) the family had very little money, although they could grow their own vegetables, which could then be turned into a cost-effective and filling meal.  

To find in-expensive ways to feed the family, people would also save vegetable & herb seeds and swap them amongst friends and families. This research has been used to form activities for our ‘Black Country Goes Green’ themed Easter holiday weeks, where visitors can follow the family detectives trail to find out which plants would have been used for healing purposes in Doo’s Chemist and welcome our new arrivals to the Museum - two little piglets!

Find the pigsty in the side garden of our tilted cottage - ‘Jerushah’.   

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