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The Bottle & Glass Inn Chimney returns home to BCLM!

Photo of Chimney pot

31 August 2015

Last month, our curators received a call about a chimney pot said to belong to our Bottle & Glass Inn. The caller explained that he had bought the pot from a friend of a friend. For several years it had laid in his back garden nearby in Brierley Hill, the owner blissfully unaware of its true origins. A strange turn of events led to the pot’s origin being revealed only recently. 

The donor was shocked to discover that the pot belonged to the Bottle & Glass Inn of Brierley Hill. During the lull between the pub’s closure in 1979 and its relocation to the museum the chimney pot was liberated by a regular to the pub as a bet (supposedly for a considerable fee!) The pot then made its way to a collector who had always had a keen eye for attractive ceramic pots (once more for a considerable fee!). The pot was painted white and laid in the back garden of the donor’s home until now.

On discovering the true origins of the pot the donor kindly decided to return it to its rightful home. He kindly donated it to BCLM with the hope that it may one day be put back on the Bottle & Glass Inn chimney. Until such time,  we are so pleased to have the chimney reunited with Our pub and the chimney pot is now resting for all to see in our Builders Yard. 


Photo of Bottle & Glass in original location

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