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Staff flying high after a visit to the RAF Museum, Cosford

dornier conservation

05 February 2014

/media/news/library/tour.jpgRecently staff from the Museum visited the RAF Museum, Cosford as part of a cultural exchange away day. Whilst there, staff were taken on a guided tour of the RAF Museum by some very knowledgeable volunteers (picture right), and delighted over a very tasty lunch from the Museum's cafe and experienced the new 4D cinema and the Black Hawk flight simulator.

BCLM staff were very excited when they were allowed behind the scenes to catch a rare glimpse of the Wellington Bomber, the Hampton and the Typhoon. However, the highlight for many was the sight of the /media/news/library/conservation.jpgconservation team (picture left) working on the Dornier DO 17, a German plane recovered from the English Channel last June. The plane is currently in hydration tunnels as part of the conservation process: the air craft is being sprayed with a citric solution to prevent further corrosion.  You can see a video of Dornier being lifted from the sea here or you can read more about the conservation process here.

Taking part in cultural away days allows our staff to see how other Museums and attractions function and gives everyone a chance to find out more about the local area; or perhaps visit somewhere new.  

BCLM would like to say a special thanks to Alan Edwards, the Deputy General Manager, RAF Museum, Cosford for arranging this visit and to all the staff and volunteers who made our visit a wonderful experience.

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