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Pigs in the sty


17 July 2013

Two Gloucester Old Spot piglets arrived at the museum on 14th July to enjoy the summer here at Black Country Living Museum.  The piglets have come from a nearby farm and will be with us throughout the summer.  

Whilst at the museum the piglets will live in the pigsty in the garden of Jerushah, our Tilted Cottage, where they will be visible to visitors.  They will probably spend a lot of time in the sty to start with, and then once they are settled and have grown a little bit, will have access to land by the sty. 

Pigs are sociable creatures so we have got two, to keep each other company.

The Tilted Cottage originally stood in 12 Cooper’s Bank, Gornal Wood and we know that the occupants, the Bradley family, kept pigs.  Domestic pig keeping was once common in the Black Country, when people were much more self-sufficient.  They were quite easy to rear and once fattened up, they were killed, usually with the help of a local pig killer.  The meat was prepared which could sustain the family for a long period of time.  It is said that with a pig, everything but the squeal could be used.

However, our pigs have a happier future as they will be returned to the farm once they have grown too large for the sty. 

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