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#MuseumWeek Success at Black Country Living Museum


02 April 2014

What a  successful week of shared memories, stories and selfies from Twitter’s first ever #MuseumWeek. The seven day project – which ran until Sunday - allowed us to give direct access to behind the scenes and interact with followers like never before.

Popular subjects raised during Friday’s #AskTheCurator day included the whereabouts of the Baboon of William Perry, more commonly known as The Tipton Slasher. The famous British heavyweight champion of the 19th century apparently trained with his unusual pet and when the Baboon died, The Slasher had the animal stuffed and displayed. Contrary to popular belief that the Baboon was burnt in a fire the curious object was actually handed over to the Museum in 1972 and remains an important part of its collection.

 Other interesting contributions included Dudley North MP Ian Austin’s look back at his #MuseumMemories and a #DayInTheLife – with staff offering a rare glimpse into the running of the open-air site which covers 200 years of Black Country history.

Social media is such an important communication tool and #MuseumWeek was a great opportunity for us to share new information with our followers.  As a result of the week, we gained an extra 200 followers on Twitter.

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