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Air Raid Black Country

18 March 2016

Could this be visitor Linda Russel’s Great Grandfather? The short answer is: we don’t know! But it does seem likely.

On January 31st 1916, nine airships left their bases in Germany intending to make a statement about their ability to raid the United Kingdom. A series of miscalculations meant that German pilots mistakenly thought they were going to launch an airstrike on Liverpool - they couldn’t have been more wrong. They were, in fact, flying over the Black Country. Bombs fell in Tipton and Wednesbury, landing on the King Street area.

The aftermath of the chaos and devastation caused on King Street is depicted here. Exactly 13 lives were lost, with victims aged 7 to 59. Fortunately, Linda’s Great Grandfather was not one of them. When she saw the photo on Facebook, her Mother immediately noticed the resemblance. After all, the family did indeed live on King Street in January 1916.

There is of course no real way of knowing, so this photo remains somewhat mysterious for the time being. It was donated in a box of photos found in an attic, some of which Curators think are press photos.

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