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Locksmith's House cleaned for monthly opening


28 April 2014

This week, the Collections Team have been busy over at our sister Museum in Willenhall, the Locksmith’s House, giving it a good spring clean, so that it will be ready in time for the new monthly openings.

Regular use of gas lights and coal fires makes for a dirty e/media/news/library/140428_230_180px-im20110501mon-cardinal.jpgnvironment, so the house was in need of a good dusting down and was swept right through. Extra T.L.C. was given to the fire places and the range in the kitchen with some good old fashioned black lead and lots of elbow grease. The tiles in the hallway were also given special treatment by being polished with a specific quarry tile polish called ‘Tableau Red Tile Polish’, similar to the old ‘Cardinal Red’ (picture right) which some readers may remember.

This Summer, the Locksmith’s House will be opening on the third Saturday of every month, 10am – 12pm. We hope that opening the house in this way will give people, who have been unable to attend any of the past annual events, a more regular opportunity to visit.

Visitors will be able to explore the house and workshops at their own pace and discover how the Edwardian Hodson family lived and worked.

2014 Open Dates:

  • Saturday 17 May 
  • Saturday 21 June 
  • Saturday 19 July 
  • Saturday 16 August 
  • Saturday 18 October

Opening Hours: 10am - 12pm

Admission: £2.50 (Under 5s: Free of Charge)

There will be further events at the Locksmith’s House please check website for details.


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