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Kiddies Celeb spotted at top Museum

Dick and Dom

26 October 2012

If you were visiting Black Country Living Museum this week you mauy have been lucky enough to spot BAFTA award winning TV duo, Dick and Dom - famed for their Saturday morning children’s show Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow.

The duo visited Black Country Living Museum this week to film part of a new TV science show called Absolute Genius. The on-screen duo – real names Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood – visited the Museum to learn about the Newcomen Engine – the world’s first working steam engine, invented in 1712 by Thomas Newcomen to pump water out of coal mines.

The popular pair, helped by Mike Dunne, the Museum’s Newcomen Operator, fired up the engine and operated the machinery. Dick and Dom went on to discover how Newcomen’s pioneering work, subsequently refined by James Watt, established the steam engine as one of those few inventions which, arguably, was to change the course of world history.

Dick and Dom explored horse power from the 1900s, hopping aboard a horse and cart. Guided by the Museum's expert horsehandler’s Diane Easthope and Michelle Derby, the pair took the reigns, driving the horse and cart through the Museum’s historic village.

Dom said:” The Museum is an amazing place to visit. We’ve loved filming here today – it’s like stepping back in time one hundred years. It’s just like a film set.”
Dick said: “Everyone’s so friendly and working with Mike, Diane and Michelle has been a real pleasure. We’ve learned loads about science and history and have had great fun doing it!”

The popular pair signed autographs and posed for pictures with school groups and
families. Absolute Genius, a science programme aimed at children from eight to 12 years of age, will be screened in spring 2013.

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