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How lovely are your branches?

photo of Christmas tree

15 December 2014

Our Christmas Tree is brightening up the canalside village on these festive wintery days. Locally sourced, we have two trees which tower 25ft high, one taking pride of place in our village and the other, a festive focal point to welcome visitors by the Museum's entrance gate.

Did you know? the custom of decorating a tree was unknown in Britain until the 1800s when George III's German wife, decorated a tree at a party she gave for children (as per her German customs).  The Christmas Tree was still unknown amongst those other than the Royal family until Queen Victoria's marriage to her German cousin Prince Albert. By 1841, the custom became fashionable in wealthier middle-class families. In 1906 a charity was set up to ensure even children of poorer families saw a Christmas tree and they became used as a point of public entertainment and by the mid-1920s Christmas trees had spread to all classes. In present day, over 8 million trees are grown in Britain specifically for the Christmas tree trade.

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