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Happy Black Country Day

Black Country Day

14 July 2014

It's the first official Black Country Day, 14 July and all weekend the Museum and other venues across the region, have been celebrating the importance of Black Country past & present.

Today’s date was chosen to mark the region's industrial heritage, as it was the first ever day that the newly designed Black Country Flag was raised to celebrate the 300 year anniversary of the invention of the World's first steam engine, the Newcomen Engine, built in the Black Country in 1712.

Pictured above is Gracie Sheppard, who designed the Black Country flag in 2012, as part of a competition for the 300 year anniversary celebrations of the Newcomen Engine invention. In the run up to Black Country Day - flag sales have shot through the roof and Gracie should be very proud of her design, which has been seen at various international events over recent weeks.

We now look forward to Black Country Day being an annual event in the calendar.

Find out more about the importance of celebrating the region on Black Country Day 

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