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Gore and Grime is a Scream at Halloween

Gore & Grime

23 October 2011

Horrible historians at Black Country Living Museum are set to disgust and delight with a Halloween Gore and Grime Trail which takes places during the half term holiday, from 23 to 30 October, 2011.  Ghostbusting visitors can follow a revolting route around the Museum site encountering putrid props, scary spiders, repulsive rats and a hidden mystery surprise to win a prize.  

Unleash your wicked side and make Wicked Winged Puppets during creative workshops held in the Museum’s Workers’ Institute.  Paper craft activities will be taking place throughout the day with bat, ghost and bird designs to choose from.   A Victorian Side Show will take place on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October in Folkes’ Park and spectators can watch daring performances involving fire-eating and a bed of glass. 

Swap classrooms for cobbled streets and a timetable of holiday fun with a history lesson like no other and keep children absorbed for hours!  Travel back in time to the early 1900s where modern conveniences like washing machines, cookers and bathrooms are just a twinkle in the eye and dolly tubs, black leaded grates and 'buckets and chuck its' are the must-have gadgets of the era!

David Eveleigh, Director of Collections, Learning and Research said: “Our programme of events give parents a head start at half term and are always very popular.  A variety of activities keep children entertained and they absorb lots of fascinating facts without even realising it.”

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