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Photo of Helen cleaning

31 January 2017

Hi I’m Helen,  I am the Curator of Domestic and Cultural life here at  Black Country Living Museum. You may have wondered why  we were closed for two weeks at the beginning of January. 

Well each year that  two week close period gives our Maintenance Team time to carry out a programme of annual repairs and preservation work and for myself with  the rest of the Collections Team and the support  of our demonstrators, it gives us  a chance to deep clean our buildings. We carry out a deep clean from  top to bottom sweeping away  cobwebs  from nooks and crannies  of over 60 buildings which includes our houses, shops, brew house and not forgetting all of our  vehicle collection too.

One of the harder tasks is in Gregory's General Store and Doo’s Chemist, with so many boxes and bottles that make up the historic collection, each are taken off the shelves and are individually assessed, dusted, cleaned  and put back in the same spot. One of the delights is that whilst we are closed, we’re able to use 'modern equipment' to help with  washing curtains and vacuuming furniture which we would never  be able to do when we are set in the Victorian and Edwardian era.

So hopefully now we are open for the year ahead, you'll come along to visit us and spot a lovely clean sparkle as you walk around our shops and houses.  

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