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Historic textiles

13 May 2013

A lot has happened in the last week. The hobby shed we told you about in previous blog posts has now been dismantled. The tools and large machinery have been put into storage until the shed has been rebuilt. In the meantime, the tools will be cleaned, (probably by our team of unsuspecting volunteers) before the shed is relocated.

A number of our team attended ‘Historic Textiles’, one of the heritage skills courses that we run here at the Museum. It was a chance to refresh what we already knew, but it was also a good opportunity to have hands on experience with textiles that we wouldn’t normally get to handle, such as fans, tapestries and damaged lace.

For the past couple of months the Assistant Curator has been researching World War One in preparation for the Centenary in 2014. She has been looking at how the outbreak of war affected people in the Black Country and what items Black Country industries manufactured for the war effort. On Wednesday she visited Sandwell Archives, based in Smethwick, to look at what local newspapers like the ‘Midlands Advertiser’ were reporting when the out break was announced.

We’re also currently helping with the historical aspect of our 1940s weekend, by providing research about rationing, fashion and what there was to eat and drink. You can read more about the upcoming event here.

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