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Boats with Becky

photo of Duck on ice

27 February 2015

It's been a busy half term with very changeable weather. This hasn't put off our visitors and we were busy all week as folks wrapped up and donned their wellies. Every boat dock walk was well attended and we have new volunteers – special thanks to Steve, who has been joined by Dennis, Maggie, Matt and Lynn – I look forward to working with you all. This is not to forget existing long-standing volunteer Roger and of course, Dave who knows everything there is to know about Stour and looks after her well. 

Ducks and Weather:

Ice, rain and sunshine. I've been watching the ducks and moorhens and we look forward to chicks very soon. Plently of duck pictures including duck walking on water, and ducks in the rain!

The promise of Spring, lighter nights and longer days is firmly on the table. The boat dock is waking up. Do pop down and say hello, explore the collection of historic boats, look out for the resident wildlife, chat to our volunteers and take some great photos.

If you are visiting BCLM  - don't forget to pop down to our boat dock and say hello to Becky. 

See you soon


About Becky

Becky is one of our many costumed characters who meets & greets visitors to BCLM from all over the world.

Becky works on our boat dock and each week keeps a diary of all the new and interesting things that she discovers during her time there. She has decided it is a shame to keep all these fascinating finds to herself and would like to share with you regular updates of what happens on the BCLM boat dock.

Here is what Becky has to say about her 'Boats with Becky' Blog:

Photo of Becky by the boat dock"I'm incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful view when I work. During the winter, people think that I must get cold, bored or lonely  - this couldn't be further from the truth. I have a great time at work and I can't wait to tell you about the things that happen on the dock each week. I get to enjoy traditional cooking, cleaning and watching the wildlife go by. I have regular visits from BCLM visitors, volunteers and staff, and experience warm weather, cold weather, peaceful days and exciting festivals. I will keep writing in my diary each day and take those unmissable photos so that I can share them on my new 'Boats with Becky' feature for you all to see & hear about the hidden beauty of BCLM docks"

If you are visiting BCLM  - don't forget to pop down to our boat dock and say hello to Becky. 

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