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Black Country Students Meet the Manufacturers

photo of school children with honda car

02 July 2015

The world’s first steam engine, the anchor for the Titanic and America’s first steam locomotive – the Black Country has always been a hub for manufacturing innovation. From July, the Black CountryLivingMuseum is celebrating this by offering a brand new school event focussing on our rich manufacturing heritage.

Supported by the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Dudley Advance, ‘Manufacturing at Work’ aims to increase awareness and understanding of the history of manufacturing and its continuing legacy in the area, providing an opportunity for students to meet real people working in the industry today. The event will be ideal for any students aiming for a future in manufacturing or engineering and will be of particular interest to Design and Technology students.

Students will discover how the area’s past has contributed to its present success in manufacturing. They will learn about innovative design projects and take part in interactive workshops delivered by Black Country businesses. Rimstock PLC, world leading alloy manufacturers based in West Bromwich, will be bringing along a replica Honda race car to demonstration the application of their alloy wheels.

A site tour of Thomas Dudley’s foundry will demonstrate what a modern factory looks like. Students will also be given a guided tour of the Museum, exploring 300 years of Black Country history and discovering the impact it had on the world.


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