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Black Country Crafty Toy Creations

Toy Creations

28 August 2011

What did men, women and children from 100 years ago do in their spare time? Each visitor this summer is invited to find out, by taking part in the Black Country Living Museum’ s new programme of crafting activities. Visitors can follow the life and leisure family trail, where they are challenged to discover the letters around the Museum to find out about Black Country life and leisure during 1850-1950. Throughout the month of August the crafting activities will have a life and leisure theme, where families can learn how to entertain themselves in the way that children of the 1930s would have. Visitors can learn how to make their own toys out of materials that would have been commonly found around the home, like paper and string. Each week there will be something new to occupy families of all ages. Visitors can make their own ‘Easy Fly Kites’ and fly them to the highest heights in the Museum’s Folkes Park. From 8-14 August, ‘Ping Pong ball Catapults’, will challenge families to build a mini trebuchet to launch Ping Pong balls to the target, from 15 August visitors can make their own ‘Chip tray sail boats’ and enter into the competition to race them in the troughs by using only the power of wind. From 22 August ‘Whirling Windmills’ will inspire visitors to be creative and colourful by making their own mini marvel whilst learning about the importance of wind power. Mel Weatherley, Head of Learning says “The Museum offers a really exciting and inspirational day out for all the family. We chose the ‘do-it-yourself’ leisure theme this summer to bring to life not only the hardship but the team spirit and creativity of the families that once lived and worked in the Black Country. We are hoping that our hands-on toy making workshops, our family trail, heavy metal workshop demonstrations, street theatre and costumed guides will all inspire our visitors with the same creativity and can do! “

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