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Black By Day, Red By Night

Brass Founder

20 May 2014

What is involved on putting on a Night at the Museum event at BCLM? well first we need a theme......

“The Black Country, black by day and red by night, cannot be matched for vast and varied production by any other space of equal radius on the surface of the globe’

/media/news/library/museum-45.jpgElihu Burritt, the American Consul to Birmingham said this in 1868. The term ‘black by day, red by night' reflects the industrial might the Black Country once had. Imagine roaring industrial fires belching out black smoke during the day and the red glow given from the fires of forges and furnaces. This was the atmosphere that our ‘Red by Night’ event recreated, last weekend.

/media/news/library/140515_230_180px-im20110501mon-cardinal.jpgPreparation for the event began months ago, our Maintenance Team, along side specialist engineers have repaired our rolling mill, refilled it with grease so it’s ready to roll on for the season's event programme. On the suggestion of our Events Co-ordinator, lights were sourced and placed inside the lime kiln to highlight them during the evening (see image right). The Events Coordinator spends a lot of time researching and enquiring for only the best Entertainers for any of our events; and for this evening in particular, fire jugglers and glass blowers, were booked month's in advance to ensure BCLM joined Museum's all over Europe, for a spectacular Nuit des Musees event representing the arts and industrial heritage of the region.

The Marketing & Communications Team worked very hard spreading the word about our event, working alongside the Culture24 Association to enhance the awareness of the Museums at Night event all over Europe and promoting our Red by Night event through leaflets, press stories,radio interviews, posters, the internet and social media sites. We even had celebrity comedian Arthur Smith visit the Museum in advance to see what it was all about and Arthur was filmed by BBC's The One Show as he spent the night in our Station Road Cottages. (one day left to view it on Iplayer at 52 minutes into the show).

The Bookings Team; Leanne, Maureen and Sam are all there to take your calls, answer your questions, process your bookings and send you your tickets ready for the big night.

It wasn't only BCLM team members working hard to put on a good show for you all, Dudley College Performing Arts students had spent month's putting together drama pieces and practising hard to perform dance and street theatre on the night in our, usually unused industrial locations.

Last minute preparations were then all that were needed, by the Events Co-Coordinator and Visitor Services Team including printing programmes, putting out tables, placing signs around the site and in the car park and finally a staff briefing meeting, where all staff working on the night were informed of where they would need to be and what will be happening on throughout the whole night from visitors arriving in the car park at 6.00pm until as they left through the Museum's gates 11.00pm.

Red by Night was a successful first event of the year and attracted over 1500 people. We have received some lovely feedback from those of you who attended and seen some of your lovely photographs posted on our social media sites. We appreciate all feedback as it let's us know if we are doing it right, keep them coming in on our facebook page:

      "fabulous evening last night at Red by Night @BCLivingMuseum. Can't wait to          visit again"

      "Had a fabulous time at the museum last night! Thanks to all staff involved for           making it really enjoyable"

      "A wonderful evening @BCLivingMuseum"

A big thank you to all the staff and entertainers that made it possible to promote what the Black Country is famous for - Red by Night.

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