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BCLM Celebrates a Century of Christmas in the Home

Christmas in the Home

21 November 2017

We're celebrating the everyday history of Christmas at our Christmas in the Home event (25 & 26 Nov, 2 & 3 Dec, 9 & 10 Dec and Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 Dec inclusive).

Stroll around 26 acres of shops and houses and get a snapshot of at everyday life during the festive period over 300 years.

From its Victorian beginnings to a wartime Christmas on the ration, you can step into the homes of the past as characters prepare for the big day.

Explore ornately-decorated Victorian house and take in the sights and smells of Yuletide over a century ago as characters cook and decorate their way to what we would now recognise as a modern Christmas.

See plum-puddings being made the traditional way, and catch costumed characters penning beautifully written Christmas cards as you take in the wonderful smells of fresh wreaths and fragrant pomanders.

Don’t forget to pop into the Museum’s back-to-backs and see what life was like for the less fortunate. A peek inside the stocking reveals modest presents including peg dolls, nuts and often a single lump of coal – a reality for the majority of the Black Country working class.

You can also skip forward to the 1940s and see what life was like during a wartime Christmas. Listen to nostalgic festive tunes on the wireless, and watch as thrifty characters put together Christmas on the ration, scrimping on the lavish decorations in favour newspaper chains and an ‘alternative’ Christmas tree.

All of the Museum’s usual attractions are open including the mine, pub, school and of course the 1930s fish and chip shop.


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