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An Award Winning 45 Years of Dedicated Service

Photo of Alan with Award

16 October 2015

Volunteer, Alan Hallman from the Friends of Black Country Museum, has won the Gordon Lindsey Award for Long Service at the Dudley Volunteers Awards last night.

The award recognises and applauds the valuable contribution that volunteers make to their organisations, the community and society as a whole and the dedicated service that Alan has given to BCLM over the last 45 years.

The Friends of Black Country Museum were the driving force behind the formation of the Museum in the 1970s. Since then they have supported us by collecting exhibits, manning displays, promoting the Museum, organising events and making donations.

Dianne Rivers, Volunteer Coordinator comments: “Alan Hallman deserves this award. His hard work and dedication has ensured that our Black Country heritage is available for future generations to enjoy and his work both behind the scenes and with our visitors ensures their visit is a truly memorable one. The Museum would not be what it is today without the volunteers in the Friends of Black Country Museum.” 

Award winning volunteer, Alan comments “It was certainly a shock when they announced it was me, I am very pleased and feel highly honoured. 45 years is a long time, it was my daughters who nominated me for the award, yet neither of them were born when I started my voluntary work with the Friends, they were both brought up with my volunteering, so I am overwhelmed that they nominated me for such an honourable award. I have been involved continuously since the formation of the friends which pre-dates the Museum itself by 5 years. I was truly surprised my nomination went through the selection committee to the finals, it was totally unexpected".

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