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A piano fit for a film star!

photo of payment book

08 August 2018

A   Stanton's payment book kindly donated this month will help to  piece together the story of Stanton's Music Shop  as part of BCLM's Forging Ahead.

This payment book was an agreement with Stanton's for the purchase of a Hausmann piano.

It belonged to Mr & Mrs Hobbs who bought the piano for their son in August 1937. An initial deposit of £1 was paid along with a trade in of their old piano to the value of £4. We can see that payments of around 5 shillings were paid weekly until 1938 when this was increased to £1 a month. The purchase was completed almost 4 years later in February 1941 a total of £43.20 with a signature settled with thanks.  

/media/forging_ahead/library/img_20180621_150853-custom.jpgAt the time, the family ran a guest house on Claughton Road in Dudley and welcomed many lodgers who were visiting or performing at the Dudley Hippodrome. Mr Hobbs had an evening job at the Hippodrome operating the curtains. 

They welcomed many stars into their guesthouse even several big names such as Harry Secombe and Julie Andrews’ family. The Hobbs family remember stories of how Julie Andrews enjoyed to play the piano in their guesthouse.



Unfortunately, it is not known where  the piano now resides but it was lovely to hear the story and see the payment book from Stanton's. 

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