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Toll House

The Woodsetton toll house was probably built in 1845 when the Sedgley to Tividale turnpike road was built, though it ceased its function for collecting tolls in the 1870s. Turnpikes were gated roads which levied a charge, or toll, on those and their animals travelling it.

The interior has been recreated, from original photographs, as it would have been in the early 1920s when the house provided cheap accommodation for a poor widow, as it still had no gas or water supply. Mrs Hodgkiss and her daughter Lillian lived in the house from 1904 until 1927.

The family drew their water from the brook in the garden and the house was lit with an oil lamp and candles. Lillian earned a small wage at Palethorpe’s sausage factory but to make ends meet they kept chickens, grew vegetables, sold firewood, fruit and garden produce and baked their own bread.

Rabbit stew or a sheep’s head, which would make a tasty soup to last the week, supplemented their diet.

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