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The Back-to-backs

The three Brook Street houses were originally built in Sedgley in the early 1850s, they comprise two ‘back-to-back’ cottages and a ‘two up two down’ cottage in one unit. These types of houses would have been found in abundance in the Black Country. These examples at the Museum are believed to be the last example of this house type surviving in the Black Country.

Numbers 10 & 11 were built Back-to-Back, each have one ground floor kitchen and small pantry and one bedroom above. The houses are furnished as they would have been in 1890 & 1891. In 1891 the tenant in number 11 was Henry Webb, a collier, who lived there with his wife, Mary and their six children.

By comparison the accommodation next door in the ‘through’ house at No.12 is much more spacious with two ground floor rooms and front and back doors. Number 12 is set in 1924.

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