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Cast Iron Houses & Print Shop

Built in 1925 and listed as buildings of architectural and historical interest this pair of semi-detached council houses were built as part of a major housing development in Dudley.

Due to a shortage of traditional building materials a variety of innovative construction methods were tried at this time and about 500 cast iron houses were produced across the country. In Dudley only two pairs were built as they proved to be twice as expensive as the brick equivalent although they made use of readily available foundry capacity and could be built with relatively unskilled labour.

One of the houses is fitted out as it would have been when built and the second unit houses an exhibition on the production and use of cast iron.

A small Print Shop* has been erected in the garden behind number 114. It was originally located behind a house in Laburnam Road, Bilston. In this Print Shop Mr Robert James carried out 'Letterpress' the art of setting type and printing by hand. For over 60 years he suppled posters, cards and other printed material to his local community.

We'm Movin' 'Ouse

Over the next few months the Cast Iron Houses are being carefully taken down and relocated as part of our exciting new 1940s-60s development Forging Ahead.

One of the houses and the exhibition are closed but the other house is currently open to visitors.

Information Sheets

To help you make the most of your visit you can download an exhibit information sheet.  These are especially useful for customers who may have hearing impediments. 

Download here: Cast Iron Houses & Print Shop (PDF 1100kB)

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Cast Iron Houses

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