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Carterís Yard

Horses provided the key to transport in the Black Country well into the twentieth century. They were used as draught animals to haul narrow boats loaded with goods on the canals, drag heavy coal carts and pull trams, carriages, milk floats, delivery wagons and fire engines.

Heavy horses, usually shires, were used for haulage in heavy industry. But the majority of work was done using ‘half leg’ or short legged shire cross breed horses to pull smaller two wheeled carts and canal boats as they were lighter to handle and cheaper to feed.

Trade horses were kept in fairly humble quarters in yards like this one across the Black Country.

The yard contains a stable which was carefully dismantled and moved from Ogley Hay Road at Burntwood in Cannock on the northern edge of the Black Country where it was built around 1900.

The stable fittings were donated from a stable in Handsworth Wood Road, Birmingham. The combined office and harness room are copied from buildings found in Netherton and a small feed store and simple corrugated iron lean-to cart shed complete the authentic assemblage of buildings in the yard.

Information Sheets

To help you make the most of your visit you can download an exhibit information sheet.  These are especially useful for customers who may have hearing impediments. 

Download here: Carter’s Yard (working horses) (PDF 976kB)

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