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Learning at Black Country Living Museum

Make at Home


Have a go at making your own toys, download the how to sheets below...


Paper Crafts - Daffodil

/media/learning/library/150323_230_bclm_craft___daffodil_template.jpgMake your own Paper Daffodil with our template and instructions below.

Daffodil Template

How To Make a Paper Daffodil instructions



Optical illusions - Thaumatropes

/media/learning/library/130621_230_img_1856.jpgMake your own Optical Illusion

Thaumatropes were popular in Victorian times, they are a piece of card with a pictureon each side which you can twirl quickly between your fingers to make the two pictures combine into one.

 Download how to make a thaumatrope here


Springy Puppet

Springy Puppet

How To Make a Springy Puppet at Home

Decorate and make your own Springy Puppet, with three different design templates to choose from.

Download Spring Puppet



Paper Banger

/media/learning/library/131002_230_paper_banger.jpgHow to make a Paper Banger

All you need is an A3 piece of paper.

Download the How To Sheet here



Make a Shoe Friend

/media/learning/library/shoe-friend-3images.jpgChildren in WW1 did not have many toys to play with and those that they did were often made by themselves or by a family member.

Have a go at living and playing like a child from the 1940s and make your very own toy to play with.

Try making a shoe friend...take an old shoe and turn its sole and heel into a character. Make a face on the shoes heel and dress the shoe in old rags. See what characters you can create....a miner, a Victorian lady or your favourite super hero.


1) Get an old shoe from a charity shop
2) Draw a face with a black marker on the heel of the shoe
3) Use drawing pins for the eyes and nose (adult supervision recommended)
4) Use old rags to wrap around the shoe for clothing or old baby / doll clothes to dress it up in




Did you know?

interesting fact image

When the museum was first built, only the canal, limekilns and mine shafts were here - along with a disused sewage works.

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