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Learning at Black Country Living Museum

Key Stage 2: A Day on the Home Front Investigation Pack

These are the downloadable links for all the resources associated with the Great War historical enquiry. Please begin by downloading the teachers' notes. Then, when you are ready, download the relevant PDF documents below by clicking on the highlighted links. 


 Webb Family Tree

A summary of the family relationships revealed by the Census Records


 1901 Census

An overview of the members of the Webb Family living at 11 Brook Road in 1911

 1911 Census

 Birth Certificate, Samuel Webb

 Marriage Certificate: Ernest Webb and Mary Ann Griffiths

 National Probate Record: Ernest Webb



 Ernest’s Service History

A summary of the key information from Ernest’s Service Record, listing the date and details of each placement. 

 Short Service Attestation Form

Completed with Ernest’s details when he enlisted. Signed and dated by the Attesting Officer at Bilston on 11 December 1915

 Letter 28th August 1916

This provides details of Ernest’s contract of employment with the army, including details of his pay

 Medical History August 1916

Details of Ernest's physical examination undertaken before he commenced training. 

 Medical History December 1916

Completed following three months of training, showing that Ernest had grown and put on weight.

 Oral History 1: Effects of Poor Diet

An account by Lieutenant Charles Carrington of the 1/5th Battalion, Warwickshire Regiment in 1916 describing how new recruits, particularly from working class industrial backgrounds, were skinny and stunted in growth, but grew fitter and stronger following a proper diet and the army training programme. (Taken from “Forgotten Voices of the Great War” by  Max Arthur).

 Change of State

This records Ernest’s marriage to Mary Griffiths on 12 January 1918. 

 Letter from Cannon 

Before he enlisted, Ernest worked as a gas stove fitter for Cannon Industries Ltd. Dated 20 December 1918 this letter is a guarantee that his job will be kept open for him when he finishes his war service.

 Letter dated 15th January 1919

Written in Ernest’s own hand to accompany his letter from Cannon Iron Foundries.

 Statement of service

A full record of Ernest's war service.



 Extract 1: 37th Battalion Machine Gun War Diary 

An extract from the diary for the Battalion that Ernest served with - giving an idea of the activities he was involved in and the conditions he would have experienced.

 Extract 2: Page 103 

Showing the use of code words in communication with regard to an attack on an enemy trench.



More excerpts from “Forgotten Voices of the Great War” by Max Arthur.

 Oral History 2: Conditions on the Front

      First-hand accounts of life on the front – describing the mud and rats, the noise, and the constant fear.

 Oral History 3: White Feathers

An account by an underage recruit, describing the pressure applied to enlist, particularly by women.

 Oral History 4: Impact of the War at Home

Describes the start of the war through the eyes of a seven year old child - Elizabeth Owen.



 Postcard 1: Field Service Postcard

 Postcard 2: Patriotic Postcard

 Postcard 3: Silk Embroidered

 Postcard 4: Comic Postcard

 Postcard 5: Photographic

 Postcard 6: Message



 Food Economy Campaign

An information card issued by the County War savings committee to encourage food economy.

 Fuel Rationing Pamphlet 1918

A pamphlet encouraging the use of hay boxes for cooking to save fuel.

 Fuel Rationing

The Household Fuel Rationing Order, printed in the Birmingham Post on Thursday August 15, 1915.

 Coal Shortages

A collection of newspaper articles and announcements from 1914-17 showing the impact that coal shortages had on both domestic and industrial life.



 Munitions Poster

World War One recruitment poster for women munitions workers.

 Bean Munitions Factory, Dudley

A photograph of the "munitionettes" at the National Projectile Factory.

 The Graphic 1915

Article about the new industrial roles of women created by the war.

 The Illustrated War News 1917

An article recognising the war work of women.

 Tram 49

A photograph of the Museum's double-decker tram, when in service in 1917, showing a female conductor.



 Fund Raising: Walsall Tank Week

A photograph taken in March 1918 during Walsall's 'tank week' to raise funds for the war effort.

 Overseas Club Christmas Appeal 1915

A certificate praising the fundraising work of a member of the Overseas Club - a Charity established to support the men on the front line. The charity ran an appeal in 1915 to raise funds to supply service men with Christmas gifts. 

 Overseas Club Empire Day Certificate 1916



Resources linked to the War Memorial now located at the Museum.

 The Great War Roll of Honour

Details of some of the soldiers named on the War Memorial

 Springfield Brewery Photograph 1

A Brewery Lorry in 1910. 

 Springfield Brewery Photograph 2

A photograph of male employees in 1910. 

 Springfield Brewery Photograph 3

A photograph taken in 1918 showing the new female workforce.

 Springfield Brewery Photograph 4

The memorial in its original location at the Brewery.



Additional information about the Black Country at war can be found on the Museum's  World War One web pages. 


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