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Chemistry played a major role in the industrial heritage of the Black Country. The exploitation of the rich mineral resources in the area, including the extraction of metal from ores, would not have been possible without an understanding of material science and metallurgy.

It was through a knowledge of gases and thermo-dynamics that the steam engine, and later the internal combustion engine, were able to develop. None of the key manufacturing, engineering and chemical industries associated with the region would have succeeded without the work of pioneering scientists and chemical engineers.

With sponsorship from H&R ChemPharm (UK) Limited, the Museum aims to celebrate the significant chemical heritage of the Black Country, and its continuing legacy in the region.

H&R ChemPharm (UK) has a long association with the Black Country,
operating on a site that has for over 170 years been involved in the manufacture of oils and lubricants. Today, from their base in Tipton, they blend specialist oils and waxes - 80% of which are exported - to meet the exacting requirements of a growing customer base operating in industries as diverse as cable manufacture through to equestrian track surfaces, tyres to cosmetics. They are delighted to partner the Museum in the promotion of the chemical sciences.

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Charles Burrell & Son supplied 6 engines fitted with cranes to the War Department. During World War 1 they operated 24 hours a day.

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