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Learning at Black Country Living Museum

Baking in the Black Country


Here are a few traditional Black Country recipes from 1875 for you to try at home.


Bread Pudding

Bread was a very important part of the daily diet it was known as a 'Bally-Filler'

/media/learning/library/150210_230_150210_230_lardy_cake_2.jpgLardy Cake

Lardy cakes were popular, they were filling, sweet and cheap. 

/media/learning/library/150210_230_rice_pudding_2.jpgRice Pudding Cake

/media/learning/library/150210_230_150210_230_seed_cake_1.jpgCaraway Seed Cake

A special treat for Sunday tea

/media/learning/library/150210_230_150210_230_rock_cake_2.jpgRock Cakes

Rock Cakes were a special treat


Did you know?

interesting fact image

By 1846, steam engine design had developed so fast that the engine fitted to the SS Great Britain was capable of 1000 horsepower.

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