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Learning at Black Country Living Museum

Arts Award


Black Country Living Museum is a registered Arts Award supporter. This means that if you are working towards an Arts Award we have a range of activities available to help you achieve it.

Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification that aims to help anyone aged up to 25 to explore their creative skills and to develop as artists and arts leaders. There are five different levels to achieve, four of which (Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold) are accredited qualification on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

Here are some ideas on how we can support you:

Explore the arts as a participant

Bookable  Craft Workshops for Schools

Heritage Skills Workshops for  adults aged 18+

Young Archaeologists' and Curators' Club 

Explore the arts as an audience member

As part of your visit to the Museum you can explore, experience and review our living history interpretation of the Black Country, 1850-1950.  How have we brought the past to life? How many different art forms can you discover? 

How does our interpretation of the past compare to  the  interpretations of other artists? 

Dudley Castle from Tipton Canal: watercolour by Joseph Mallord William Turner c1830

Puddling Furnace: print by R.S. Chattock, 1872

Worked Out: print by R.S. Chattock, c1872

View of the works, N. Hingley & Sons, Netherton:  taken from the company catalogue

Black Country: etching signed by Harry Eccleston, 1937 

Bilston Steelworks: photograph by Harry Eccleston, 1976

Midland Memories: oil painting by Herbert. W. Wright



You may wish to check out our What's on pages to see if there are any additional activities and events that will enhance your visit.


Forging Links:  A Bronze Arts  Award Resource 


Did you know?

interesting fact image

The museum has 12 working street gas lights, from the early 1900s style up to the 1930s.

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