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WW2 Poultry Keepers Ration Book

WW2 Poultry Keepers Ration Book

During World War Two, special poultry feed-mash ration coupons were available, provided that the poultry keeper had registered and produced an authorised ration card like this one. This ration card was only authorised on the agreement that the poultry keeper would contribute some of the produced eggs to the war effort.

Lots of people chose to become poultry keepers during the war. Having a pen of family chickens, supplemented the government's meagre ration limit of only one egg per week per family, sometimes there were not enough eggs to offer even one a week.

The government encouraged families to become poultry keepers and provided advice leaflets and guide books on how to be a keeper, these included information such as how to feed and care for their chickens. 

Find out more and read about the experience of a poultry keeper in WW2 on the BBC's website


Year: 1943

Ref: 1978/058/008

Area: Dudley

Theme: Domestic and Cultural Life

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