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Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet

Plain white plastic safety helmet with 2 metal fixings on
exterior at the front and the back, there are 4 inner straps of
woven cotton fabric tied together in the centre and a band of
white leather sewn to each strap to adjust according to head
size attached to the helmet with nylon string strung through 16
holes around the circumference of the helmet, there are 4
ventilation holes nearer the top of the helmet, inside there is a
label attached to the plastic with green text printed: 'B.S.
2095 (image of Kite mark) N.C.B. SPEC-271/61 -???NED HEAD
CLEARANCE 1.3/8in Cromwell Product MADE IN ENGLAND

Year: 2013

Ref: 2013/008/003

Theme: Other Industries

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