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Please note that some images/footage used to make this video depict canals outside of the Black Country for illustrative purposes.


The canals were once the motorways of their day


During the Industrial Revolution, the construction and use of canals exploded. There were over 170 miles of canals criss-crossing all over Birmingham, the Black Country and beyond at its height. From coal to clothing, this quickly became the main way goods were delivered  across the region. It was more than a job for many - it was a way of life. But one one invention in particular would come to put an end to this seemingly endless 'canalmania'. Find out more by watching the video and dive in deeper by completing the activities in our interactive PowerPoint!


Download our interactive PowerPoint  


Life 'on the cut'   activity pack


 Doe  forget, you'll need to  click 'slide show' in the top navigation bar, and then 'from beginning' to get it gooin'.


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