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No  school?  No problem! You can learn all about Black Country history right from the comfort of your own home.


We know it can be tough to provide valuable learning opportunities while the kids are at home, so we've created some fun and easy-to-use educational resources for KS1-KS2. Each one is based around a particular area of Black Country history and is designed to be worked through together or alone. Each subject area will feature an interactive PowerPoint, which will help bring the curriculum to life in an approachable way, while still giving kids plenty to get hands-on with should they want to take their learning further!

Make sure to keep checking back, as we’ll update this page regularly.


Ready to learn? Let's goo, ar kid!


Black Country miners

The Dangers of Mining in the Black Country

Discover what it was like to work as a miner in the Black Country and find out  what led to one of the worst mining disasters in the region.

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Life on the cut

Black Country Canals and Life 'on the cut'

Explore what it was like to live and work on the canals at their height, and find out why the way we use them has changed over the years.

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Lives of Children

Lives of Black Country Children in the 19th Century

Learn all about the realities of being a child in the 19th century and delve deeper into the life of 10 year old Sam Webb who once lived in our back-to-backs.

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Cholera in the Black Country

Cholera in the Black Country

We take a closer look at the outbreak in Bilston, where 450 children were left orphaned, and explore how clean drinking water and the establishment of local health boards would essentially eradicate the disease from Europe.

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BCLM Anchor Maker's House Tour

Anchor Maker's House Tour

Take a tour around the Edwardian Anchor Maker's house and find out what that noise is at the bottom of the garden!

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visit us

Visit Us

Enjoy a proper, full day out. Rain or shine, you wonít run out of things to see when exploring our 26 acres.

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Extra activities


Get hands on and try these activities for yourself at home!

History at Home Art Chal

Art challenge

If you're feeling creative, why not have a go at drawing a Black Country landscape?


History at Home Build a Shelter

Build a shelter

Rummage through your recycling  and help us build a robust shelter for the osses



Did you know...

Stourbridge Lion

In 1828, Stourbridge built the first steam train to operate on US soil


The anchor for the Titanic was made in the Black Country in 1911

Lady Chainmakers

In 1910 the lady chain makers of Cradley Heath helped win Britain's first minimum wage

Black by day red by night

In 1866 the Black Country was described as "black by day and red by night"

Queen Vic

13 year old Queen Victoria described the land as "desolate" and "black"

Dudley Miner

The average age of death was 16.7 in Dudley in 1841


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