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Explore our learning offer

Metal Forming


 Duration:  1 Hour Capacity (max.): 25 pupils  Age Group: Key Stage 2 & 3  Cost: £25 + VAT



Students use a pre-made die and various metals (copper shim and aluminium) to create petals for a flower. The students then use the cut out the petals of various sizes which they can choose to emboss or pattern as they see fit. They then use a 'pop' rivet to join the petals together in addition to adding embellishments to the completed flower. Throughout the workshop, the students receive explanations of the various metalworking techniques they are using.


- To create a decorative flow using various metals and metalworking processes.
- To understand the process of 'pop' riveting pieces of metal together.
- To develop knowledge about various metalworking processes.

Links to the Curriculum

Key Stage 2

Arts and Design
- Improve the mastery of art and design techniques with a range of materials.

Key Stage 3

Art and Design
- Use a range of techniques and media, increase proficiency in the handling of different materials.

Design and Technology
- Select from and use specialist tools, techniques, processes, equipment and machinery, including computer-aided manufacture.


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