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Explore our learning offer

Key Stage 3: Significance of Coal and Iron in the Black Country 1712-1901

This visit will investigate how changes in industry and technology impacted people's lives in the Black Country 1712-1901.



  • To use the Museum collections and displays to find out about the past
  • To use the evidence of historic objects, buildings and landscapes to identify the main features of local industrial changes
  • To understand how and why the past has been interpreted in this way by the Museum and to evaluate the accuracy of this interpretation
  • To analyse, describe and debate the significance of the main events, people and changes 
  • To recognise and make appropriate use of dates and terms relating to historical periods 
  • To accurately recall, prioritise and select historical information
  • To learn how to communicate knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways


Additional Activities

This visit can be enhanced with the following bookable activities (additional charges apply and booking subject to availability):

Underground Mine Experience

Underground Boat Trip into Dudley Canal Tunnel and Limestone Mines


Associated Resources


Booking a Visit


Our Booking Team are available to offer help and advice when planning a visit. All educational groups must book in advance.

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Did you know?

interesting fact image

When the museum was first built, only the canal, limekilns and mine shafts were here - along with a disused sewage works.

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