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Explore our learning offer

Key Stage 2-3 Fairgrounds

Focus: Mechanical Systems      Capacity: 35 students      Cost: £8 per student

To design, make and evaluate a toy fairground ride.

This workshop develops an understanding of mechanical systems and how they can be driven by electricity. It makes direct links between design & technology,literacy and history.



  • To understand how gears and pulleys work
  • To investigate fairground rides through a visit, a handling collection and the use of ICT
  • To design, make and evaluate a product that considers the needs and interests of the user


Associated Resources

Project Planner

Linking to the D&T Association resources Projects on a Page



Understanding Fairgrounds PowerPoint      


Post Visit Resources

Worksheet 1: Investigating Mechanisms

Design, Make and Evaluate Assignment PowerPoint

User Questionnaire

Worksheet: My Pitch


Booking a Visit


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Did you know?

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Thomas Newcomen invented the first practical steam engine for pumping water in 1712.

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