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Key Stage 2: Canal Mania

Your students will investigate a significant turning point in British history - the development of the canal transport system.

They will use a range of sources to determine the impact the development of canals had on life and industry in the Black Country and beyond. An investigation pack, consisting of historic maps, images and documents, will be provided to supplement the evidence at the Museum.



  • To undertake an historical investigation using a range of sources, including historic buildings, landscapes, artefacts, photographs and archival material 
  • To develop historical enquiry skills by asking and answering historically valid questions, selecting and organising historically valid information and drawing conclusions relevant to the focus of the enquiry
  • To find out about key events and inventions in the development of the canal system
  • To identify and record characteristic features of Victorian canals and canal boats
  • To make appropriate use of dates, terms and historical vocabulary to describe the passing of time
  • To communicate their understanding of benefits and disadvantages of canals


Additional Activities

Canal Art Workshop

Underground Boat Trip into Dudley Canal Tunnel and Limestone Mines


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