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Key Stage 2: A Day on the Home Front

You will undertake an historical enquiry into the impact of the Great War on British Society.

By investigating the Webb Family - a real family who lived in one of the buildings now located at the Museum - you will gain an insight into how the Great War affected the lives of a typical working class family of the Black Country.

It is 1918. Ernest Webb has recently returned on leave from the front line where he has been fighting with the 37th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps. During his two weeks leave he has married Mary Ann Griffiths.

The Webb family are not only suffering the pain of separation from a loved one. They are also experiencing the effects of the war on everyday life and work at home. 1918 is the year in which rationing is introduced and the Webb family, along with all other families on the Home Front, are coping with fuel and food shortages. But more than this, they are witnessing irreversible changes in society. The war is instigating great leaps in technology and medicine; it is giving women the opportunity to prove their worth and equality; it is breaking down the rigid Edwardian barriers in class; and it is introducing new state responsibilities for health and welfare.  



  • To undertake an historical investigation using a range of sources, including historic buildings, landscapes, artefacts, photographs and archival material 
  • To develop historical enquiry skills by asking and answering historically valid questions, selecting and organising historically valid information and drawing conclusions relevant to the focus of the enquiry
  • To find out about key events during the Great War and how they impacted on society
  • To make appropriate use of dates, terms and historical vocabulary to describe the passing of time
  • To communicate their understanding of the impact of the Great War, its significance  and how it led to change 



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When the museum was first built, only the canal, limekilns and mine shafts were here - along with a disused sewage works.

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