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Explore our learning offer

Key Stage 2 - 3 Building Bridges

An adapted version of Unit 6A Shelters

Capacity: 35 people
Price: £8.00 per student

Students will investigate a range of different structures on the Museum site. They will understand tubes as a material from which to make a framework and will learn how to reinforce and strengthen it using triangulation.

They will also enhance their understanding of forces and build a scale truss bridge to :
• Support its own weight and the weight of a loaded wagon
• Be as strong but light as possible
• Be eye catching and fit in a heritage setting



• To apply understanding gained from investigative activities to their designing and making
• To learn about different types and uses of bridges
• To assemble components to build a model bridge
• To learn how structures can be reinforced and strengthened
• To learn how structures can fail when loaded
• To test and evaluate the finished bridge
• To work together as part of a team


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