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Explore our learning offer

Key Stage 1: Transport Through the Ages

On this learning visit, students will spend the day investigating different types of transport.

The different type of transport included are horse drawn vehicles, canal boats, trams, trolley buses, steam powered vehicles and cars.

Students will investigate the similarities and differences between transport today and in the past.

They will find out about the different features of vehicles and study objects from the past to find out more about what life was like then.


  • That Museum objects can provide answers about transport in the past
  • To identify different forms of transport and to use everyday words and phrases to describe the main features
  • To identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods
  • To be aware of similarities and differences between different types of transport 
  • To be aware of the early development of transport
  • To place events and objects in chronological order


Associated Resources for Pre and Post Visit


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