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Explore our learning offer

Key Stage 1: Free-Wheeling Toys

Full Day Workshop

At the end of this workshop students will have learnt how simple mechanisms work. They will also have reinforced their understanding of forces.

The aim of the day is to build a toy racing car inspired by the heritage of the Museum that could be sold in the Museum shop.



To apply the understanding gained from investigative activities to designing and making

  • Designing: generating ideas and simple design criteria
  • Making: selecting and assembling components to make working models
  • Evaluating: exploring a range of products with wheels and axles
  • Developing Technical Knowledge: learning how a vehicle moves using wheels and axles, to distinguish between fixed and freely moving axles and to know and use relevant technical vocabulary
  • Working together as part of a team 



Focus: Wheels and Axles         Number in Group:  60       Cost: £8 per student


Associated Resources

Project Planner

Linking to the D&T Association resources


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